Japanese seasoning



Special feature "Somen": easy to store, easy to cook, and very delicious Japanese dried noodles.

Somen is considered to be of higher quality the thinner it is. The thinner it is, the more difficult the manufacturing process becomes. In the special feature, you can learn about the intricate and captivating manufacturing process of Somen, as well as the standard cooking method with tips from professionals.


The ever-changing local fast food "Kona-mon”

Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki are types of typical Japanese fast foods called "Kona-mon.” All you have to do is add ingredients to the batter, which is made by mixing wheat flour with water and eggs, and bake it. It is a very simple dish, and because of this, it has been fused with the food culture of many different regions, giving birth to a variety of derivations.


The Power of Japanese Seasonings

Japanese seasonings are made mainly by fermenting soybeans, rice, and wheat. The abundant nutrients produced during the production process not only enhance the nutritional value of food, but also have a variety of other benefits. Japanese seasonings are more than just delicious! What are they really capable of?

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